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Contact: David Helm
Tel. 402-350-8017

A UNO campus wide student public art exhibit that uses familiar symbolism to address relevant issues.

On Wednesday October 14th  from 1:30 to 3:30, the UNO “Art in Public Places” class will display public art work throughout the UNO campus.  The purpose of this work is to explore the power of art placed in public locations that employs familiar symbolism while generating thought provoking content.  The students participating in this assignment will be on site during the exhibition hours to answer questions and observe audience responses.  Maps of the various locations will be available at the following website:

Public Art students evaluate the significance, and potential of creative expression outside of
typical exhibition sites. Clip art and signage are both accessible methods of communication for the general public.  David Helm, professor of sculpture in UNO’s department of Art and Art History describes this project as a way of “teaching students how visual language can be used to create meaningful content specific to a certain location.”  Helm continues “A fundamental component of public art is to create stimulating imagery that invites viewer investigation”.  These works will prove to be unusual and dynamic, entertaining and thought provoking.

UNO’s Department of Art and Art History strives for artistic excellence through discourse and engagement in the classroom and various local and global communities.  The department fosters critical and analytical thinking, visual literacy and creative expression, and mastery of various art disciplines to educate artists, scholars and teachers to become leaders in their chosen careers and contribute to the world through creative practice and research.


Perla Gutierrez = CPACS

My intention is to address various ups and downs of interpersonal relationships through the coupling of symbolic references to both recycling and a generic reference to a man and woman in positions of contemplation.

Kealin Petersen = Student Center

This piece addresses the importance of creating a dialogue about consent when engaging in physical relationships.

Carmen Theulen - Location = HPER

“Muscle M an” is a representation of proper and improper use of weight lifting and abuse towards the expensive equipment. Throwing down weights also has an impact in the vibration of the building, which vibration laws are not in place in Nebraska.  

Caitlin Sheley - Location - Arts and Sciences Hall

The combination of elements in this composition are commentary on internet surveillance and intended to generate dialogue around the subject.

Anonymous - Location = Library

Toxic Roach is a work about the evolution and adaptation of insects in toxic situations created by humans. 

Keith Stirling - Location = HPER

 The purpose of this work is to bring awareness to fatal water drownings, and the large numbers of individuals who cannot swim.

Mario Cappellano - Location = Eppley Administration Building

The purpose of this work is to generate dialogue between faculty, staff and students regarding parking issues on the UNO campus.

Andrew Coniglio - Location = Library

This work is intended to draw attention the the disturbing trend of students texting while walking

Ashley Touchton - Location = Student Center